A Postpartum Doula is an extra set of hands, a knowledgeable resource for all things baby, and a listening ear. My most important goal is to help families transition to new parenthood as smoothly as possible, while empowering them to move through this incredible journey with confidence and joy. 

Each parent and baby is different and all have a different set of needs-- I help to figure out what is needed and ensure that the family gets it so that they feel supported and secure during the first months of their baby's life. 

As a Postpartum Doula, I support families in all of these ways:

  • Demonstrating and performing baby care techniques, including tips for swaddling, diapering, bathing, and soothing
  • Support, assistance, and education for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, bottle-feeding, and/or pumping
  • Providing physical comfort and healing assistance in birthing parent's recovery from childbirth
  • Cooking of simple, healthy meals and snacks for mother and family
  • Helping to process the intense emotions of birth and new parenthood
  • Unlimited support by text, email, and phone through the postpartum period
  • Relief support, troubleshooting, and coping strategies for families of newborns with reflux, excessive gas, and/or colic
  • Referrals to local resources and specialists


Postpartum Doula support services are billed hourly at a rate of $35/hour for one baby, or $40/hour for twins. Please inquire through my contact form for information about hours and availability. 

A lower fee is available for families who are in need of support but have limited funds, including solo parents or families who qualify for WIC or SNAP (a.k.a. CalFresh or "food stamps") benefit programs (determine your eligibility for WIC benefits here, determine your eligibility for SNAP benefits here), or who have been homeless within the past year.


what does a birth doula do?

A Birth Doula, like a Postpartum Doula, is there to witness the transformation of an expecting couple or person into a family. A Birth Doula is a labor companion at home and in the hospital, supporting both the birthing person and their partner (if they have one) with comfort measures, encouragement, and coping strategies. They are an advocate, forming an alliance with your team of medical professionals (be they doctors, nurses, midwives) to help you achieve the birth you envision.

A Birth Doula does NOT have any expectations or judgments about your birth wishes, including your desire to birth with or without medication or other interventions. A Birth Doula does NOT replace the partner in the birthing process-- indeed, they support the non-birthing partner just as much as the birthing person, ensuring that they feel present and heard, stepping in to support the birthing person when the partner needs a break, and offering the partner tips and encouragement as they and the birthing person welcome their child together. 

As a Birth Doula, I provide my clients with the following support:

  • Two prenatal visits to get to know each other and to discuss the upcoming birth
  • Guidance in creating a birth plan
  • Evidence-based research to help inform their decisions, when desired
  • Referrals to local resources and specialists
  • Unlimited support by text, email, and phone leading up to the birth, and beyond
  • Hands-on, calming, encouraging support during labor and birth
  • One postpartum visit to check in on the family after the birth, with option to add more (see above Postpartum Doula services)
  • Guaranteed back-up doula, who you will have the opportunity to meet before your birth


The Birth Doula services listed above are all-inclusive at a rate of $1,000. Please inquire through my contact form for more information.



Please note: Postpartum and Birth Doulas are NOT medical professionals, and are therefore unable to give families medical advice or diagnoses, and are also unable to administer exams or medications for parent or baby. Families must always consult with their pediatrician and/or OB-GYN regarding any medical issues.

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