"I would say Rachel is MY BEST-KEPT SECRET about new motherhood-- but she is too good to be kept a secret! She has the kind of positive and calm energy that the world needs more of... As a postpartum doula, she amazed me with her ability to come into my home with no preconceived notion of what my family should look like or be like. In my new adventures as a parent I have found it to be a rare and beautiful thing to find someone so open and able to take a new parent's lead. I've NEVER FELT JUDGED BY HER even while I sometimes grappled to figure out what the right care decisions for my new family have been.



"Rachel was my sounding board for a variety of issues related to [my daughter’s] scheduling and development, as well as my own well-being... I felt like she was MY OWN PERSONAL CHEERLEADER – celebrating small achievements with me, and even texting on days she wasn’t working for us to see how I was doing. I highly recommend working with Rachel as a post-partum doula.  I can’t imagine how I would have made it through the first weeks by myself without her."



"We were extremely lucky to have Rachel as our postpartum doula. Her help and support during these very difficult first few weeks were A LIFESAVER and I am not sure if I would have made it without her. She helped me in so many ways, from doing chores like cleaning, shopping and cooking delicious and nutritious food, to looking after the baby so that I could rest or do other things. She is very personable, easy going and great to be around and was an excellent companion when my husband was at work. She has GREAT INTUITION and really knows what to do and when to do it, without needing to be told. Her expertise, advice and words of encouragement really helped me grow in confidence as a new mom and bring me peace of mind caring for my new daughter."

(L.C.L. and D.W.)


"If you hire Rachel as your nanny or postpartum doula, you will be enlisting such a CREATIVE, CALM, AND COLLECTED person onto your family’s “team.” She’s a great fit for nervous new parents or for veteran parents who need innovative assistance with taming the chaos of a big family."



"She was very natural with the twins right from the start. We had confidence in her from the beginning. Rachel has a calm and warm manner, and loves babies. We also found her A VALUABLE SOURCE OF ADVICE on baby topics and parenting topics. She gives her advice thoughtfully and gently. We are fans of Rachel and recommend her highly."

(A.B. and R.P.)


"She came in and made herself useful immediately and I ALWAYS FELT BETTER BY THE TIME SHE LEFT - not only because I was well hydrated and my home was tidier and fragrant with a delicious, simple meal she had prepared, but also because of her genuine interest in my experience and delight in my baby. Looking back, I believe her support helped me to be more present with my daughter during those early weeks, in part by offering me time and space in which to reflect. I highly recommend Rachel's postpartum doula services - she provides just the kind of nurturing families with new babies need!"

(M.C. and K.C.)


"We were expecting someone to just be in the same room with [our baby] overnight and tend to her when she woke. Rachel certainly did that, but SHE ENDED UP DOING SO MUCH MORE for our daughter and our family. Not only was she wonderful with our newborn, she was a great sounding board for all baby-related issues. She gave great advice about breastfeeding, sleep schedules and getting to the cause of infant fussiness. If issues arose that she didn’t immediately have an answer for, she always did research and came back to us with answers. Having her as a calming presence in the first few months of our daughter’s life was a godsend."

(V.G. and J.W.)


"Her professionalism was ABOVE AND BEYOND WHAT WE HAD EXPECTED from a caregiver. She kept a meticulous log and was excellent about communicating with my husband and I regarding our daughter. Honestly, we were just hoping to sleep soundly through the night. Rachel provided not only that, but an amazing sense of comfort knowing our baby was in loving and capable hands, while we rested."

(M.L. and C.L.)


"Rachel is SOMEONE WE TRUST COMPLETELY with our little one. She is kind, gentle, patient, and also very knowledgable when it comes to both safety and child development. When we have Rachel around everything goes more smoothly as she is attentive and helpful in so many ways. In addition to being naturally wonderful with children, she is most definitely professional, punctual, and great at communicating about scheduling, etc."

(K.N. and J.N.)


"I cannot recommend her more highly; she is UTTERLY RELIABLE, wonderful with children and with parents too, and has a wealth of experience."