Rachel Monas, CD (DTI)
Postpartum and Birth Support
Email: r.monas@gmail.com
Phone: (310) 963-9413 c.

About ME

I am a Certified Birth (DTI) and Certified Postpartum Doula (DTI, DONA) living and working in the East Bay and greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

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My mission as a doula is to help families navigate their pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum experiences with no agenda of my own. I encourage and celebrate my clients every step of the way through early parenthood, as they birth their child(ren) and adjust into their new lives as parents. I never tell families what they "should" do. My role is to offer many things: my hands to help, my empathy and presence, my resources and referrals, but never judgment.

I am passionate about working with all families, including queer families, trans parents, solo parents, families from all cultures and religions, surrogacy families, adoption families, and more. 

I am a member in good standing of the California TrustLine registry and certified in Adult/Child/Infant CPR and First Aid. All of my vaccinations are up to date, including pertussis (whooping cough). 


I am a graduate of Wesleyan University and a great lover of travel and cultural exchange. Before becoming a doula, I have had interesting and wonderful jobs at an art museum, a university, and a social justice nonprofit. I use those professional skills as Vice President of local community staple BirthWays, a fantastic resource for expecting and new parents in the East Bay.

I have been a nanny and babysitter for more than half of my life, even traveling as a nanny in far-off places like India and the Mediterranean for several weeks at a time. Being with kids is my happy place.

I love to cook and I am a proponent of traditional foods, natural remedies, and a holistic approach to nutrition and healing. I love pets and welcome the opportunity to work with families with dogs, cats, and more.